Texas cutting board


Maple, Walnut and Cherry wood with a food-safe finish

I set off on a new venture in woodworking a few months ago. A friend of mine from church has a wood shop in his basement… in New York City! It’s a pretty sweet setup. I was seeking more creativity and opportunities to work with my hands, I had taken a sculpture course in college and knew the basics around a wood shop. This was my opportunity to hone those skills. I decided to take on something basic as my first project: a cutting board. But being from Texas I have an uncontrollable desire to slap the shape of Texas on everything, so instead of a boring old square cutting board… Bam! Texas cutting board!

IMG_2437IMG_2434I used alternating maple, walnut and cherry wood to assemble the cutting board. It’s a pretty simple process. First step is to cut strips of wood with the table saw, glue them together with the end grain side of the wood strips(end grain is best for cutting boards because it absorbed the cut of the knife better).



Once the glue dried, I used a belt sander to get a smooth,IMG_2480IMG_2481My first wood project

flat surface and then a jigsaw to cut out the shape of Texas. From there I rounded the sides using a router and then sanded the whole things one last time. I coated it with food safe finish and drilled a hole in the top for a leather strap to hang it. and Wallah!


10 thoughts on “Texas cutting board

  1. Hello, I am making this project for a shop class I am currently taking. I was wondering how much wood you bought and the dimensions of the outline you used.


  2. I was wondering, what are the dimensions of the lumber that you bought. And also another general question, could I use treated lumber to make this board. Would the treatment make it not safe for preparing food on?


    1. Hi Evan, I assembled this cutting liars from scrap wood that was in my shop. You’ll want at least 10 inch boards. Lengths should be about 16-20 depending on how big you want the board. Or you can buy a few boards to get the right amount. Cut the wood into 3/4 in strips and turn the end grain up and glue(this will make the board easier on your knives) I would not recommend using treated wood. It’s not safe for food. Good luck!


      1. I took a shot at this board and I think it turned out well. I would like your feedback on it as well so where could I post a picture, or how would I go about doing that?


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